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Communication happens all day, every day, whether we like it or not. It is a part of life for humans and animals alike. Granted, humans typically use language to communicate their wants and needs, likes and dislikes; whereas animals rely on more subtle communication. However, animals rarely miscommunicate because their lives can literally depend on clear communication.

As a result, animals are experts at non-verbal communication, body language, facial expression, and gradual escalation of intensity (not to mention the extra information they pick up on with scent and the smallest of noises). Humans often are unaware of most non-verbal cues, and get trained to ignore their instinctive responses.  We work with you to uncover your cues  and how to use them to create clear communication.

My many years working with animals absolutely spotlighted the role instinct played in animal communication as it is vital to their survival. That understanding is what I now bring to my coaching with clients on human communication.  Lioness Communication focuses on retraining human communication to pay attention to what people have forgotten, and shedding light on areas that some people may never have learned.

I love sharing with clients before we start working together. Begin your journey by learning the #1 tool I share with all my clients to improve your communication today!

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Ultimately, the goal of Lioness Communication Coaching is to help people move past frustration they have around communication, to feel seen, heard, and understood so they can feel truly happy in life. This site will explore lots of theories, concepts, ideas, and methodologies, as well as provide possible resources to access some of them. Finding the inner strengths and facing fears creates a more powerful and functioning individual. I also focus on providing tools to help people engage in communication more frequently, which leads to more fulfilling and rewarding relationships, both personal and professional.

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  • Allison offers coaching from the heart. She is a warm and wonderful person who loves helping people and I was impressed by her positive and emotionally perceptive manner of seeing through to the core of the main issue and the struggle I was dealing with. Allison opened up a whole new set of resources for me that have helped open up my world to possibilities I had not considered or known about. Her immense kindness and genuine love for people are what truly make her a fantastic coach.
  • Allison is like a human translation machine; she takes in the information you want to convey and helps you translate it into a conversation you can comfortably have without diminishing the value of the message. She is able to mediate and help facilitate positive conversation about touchy subjects.
    Dexter K.
  • I am grateful for the insights I received from my coaching. Even though I am considered to be a great communicator, I was unable to see how my conversations with my son (which I considered to be innocuous) might affect him. Allison was able to cut through the emotional blindness that I had developed (and most people develop) in these highly-charged situations. I used the suggestions from the coaching to modify my approach in talking with my son and was able to talk to him in a way that, I believe, made him more open to me. Allison's insights allowed for the reframing/adjustments that facilitated meaningful dialogue.
    Deb H.
  • Allison Keeley is a supportive and friendly voice in my life. I am freely able to exchange ideas with her and know that she will give me sound advice with a female perspective. She has been my trusted sounding board for years.
    David F.
  • Allison has an incredible facilitation/ coaching skills, and an ability to see into the heart of a matter, from the perspectives of all parties involved. She has been a valuable resource in assisting me and my partner with our relationship struggles, and able to guide me to communicate from a holistic, compassionate, and supportive presence. After coaching with her, I was able to restore a challenging situation to a loving, positive, and empowered experience for both of us. I would strongly recommend anyone who is struggling with relationship issues, to contact Allison to create resolution through empowered and respectful communication.
  • Allison is effective coaching anyone because she can be present and interact with anyone and has a depth of presence that will open the door for powerful change to occur. She creates a space of acceptance, support, vision and belief in the men she works with. Allison continues to amaze me, she has the gift of hearing the voices that are missing from the chorus of my life; she graciously and powerfully adds those parts to the song. Those missing had held me back. Now, I feel unstoppable.
    Marcus A.
  • I recommend Allison for anyone who is looking for a high-energy, supportive coach who will meet them where they are at and always believe in them and what is possible for them, even when they feel like they can’t do it or it is not possible. Allison is good at helping people overcome their stuck space, feel confident in their ability, and stay excited and keep on track.
    Chloe G.


My mission is to help people live happy, fully expressed, and fulfilling lives. Everyone can succeed in finding their joy and passion in life when they have access to tools to help them overcome, breakthrough and eliminate obstacles in their path, and have a community that supports and believes in them.  I believe that great communication leads to being fully expressed and allows us to create relationships that support and nurture us. From that foundation, people can accomplish anything they want in life!

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Sometimes you may know exactly what’s not working in your communications, and other times you may have no idea. If you are feeling a sense of unhappiness or frustration in your conversations and can’t quite figure out why, a communication coach can help. Clarity involves being clear about who you are, what you want and need, and what’s getting in the way.  Let me help you find the answers and guide you.


For some people, when something has been hard for a long time, the thought of trying to change can be a daunting and anxiety-inducing task.  I guide you through the process of navigating hard conversations by helping you understand your immediate and future wants and needs. I provide leading questions that can help you to discover something profound about your way of communicating and how it might be received.


I will focus on providing input that will lead to your overall goals rather than simply trying to make you feel better (or sway you toward their personal agenda). My advice is backed by relevant professional life experience gained from helping others with similar goals.


Accountability is important to achieving dreams and goals. It means you are being held responsible for your own success.  When you share your goals out loud with me, you will be held accountable for them and are more likely to make them a priority.